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ACS Hillingdon students go global for international food fair

Published Thursday 3rd of December 2015 10:26:18 AM

ACS Hillingdon International School celebrated its multicultural community recently with the annual international food fair. The 2015 ACS Hillingdon International Food Day, organised by the PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association), saw over 600 students, teachers and staff enjoy a variety of food, drink and traditions from every corner of the globe. Favourite dishes from around the world were prepared and served by each country’s team of parent representatives, transforming the sports hall into an international food market decked with flags, decorations and traditional costumes. Students took a mini-world tour, sampling new tastes and experiencing the sights and sounds of each native stall. Representing over 35 countries, the global cuisine on offer ranged from Japanese sushi and French crepes to Israeli falafel, Dutch waffles and the Australian delicacy kangaroo sausage. Kim Floreano and Debbie Keeley, PTSA Multicultural Team Coordinators, commented: “As the coordinators of the event, we’re truly blown away by the parent community. Their willingness to share with such passion their cultures and heritage is amazing - You can't help but be overwhelmed and impressed by a parent community willing to prepare food samples for 650 people! “It is a real privilege to be a part of such a unique and special event. International Food Day is a real highlight of our school community calendar as it celebrates two of the most important parts of our school: it's diversity and it's community.”
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