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Chess Grandmaster takes on 20 Oakham pupils at once…

Published Tuesday 8th of December 2015 11:59:54 AM

Pupils from Oakham School were challenged to a simultaneous chess display by chess grandmaster, Mr Graham Lee. Mr Lee is a leading chess expert (a FIDE Master, a Grandmaster of Chess Problem Solving and a British Rapidplay Champion) as well as being a National Chess Coach and Oakham School’s resident chess grandmaster. He challenged 20 of Oakham’s youngest pupils, many of whom take part in the School’s chess club, to see if they could beat him. They each took their turns one by one as Mr Lee progressed around the room playing moves in response. The showstopper came after exactly an hour, when Mr Lee orchestrated his moves in such a way that he was able to checkmate six pupils consecutively! Two students managed to earn the offer of a draw, which both accepted, having successfully deflected Mr Lee for an impressive amount of time. It was an unpredictable, exciting and, at times, nerve-racking event, which was certainly memorable for all of the pupils.
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