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Mayfield’s Recycled Christmas Tree lights up Festival

Published Tuesday 8th of December 2015 12:26:05 PM

Girls from Year 7 and 8 were delighted to take part in the Mayfield Christmas Tree Festival at St Dunstan’s Church, choosing ‘recycling’ as the theme for their tree. They were inspired by the Climate Change Conference which was taking place in France at the same time, as well as the school club MESSY, which is dedicated to the earth and the environment. Remarkably, the girls did not just decorate the tree with recycled items, but actually constructed the whole thing out of bits of discarded timber and old crates. They used cans, old CDs, light bulbs, sweet wrappers and socks – amongst other things – to make the decorations and even the candles were re-used. Teacher Mrs Robertson, who led the project, commented “I have been very impressed by the girls’ ingenuity in creating such beautiful decorations, and I even plan to use some of their ideas on my own tree! We have had lovely positive feedback from people admiring our tree at the festival and the girls should be extremely proud of their efforts.”
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