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Year 4 Visit Salisbury Museum

Published by Chafyn Grove School on Monday 29th of February 2016

Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their morning at the Salisbury Museum where they had the opportunity to look at the many artefacts on display. It was a fabulous morning and they had a refreshing walk, stopping to look at the fantastic sculptures outside the cathedral. Inside the museum the children were fascinated by the work that archaeologists do. They enjoyed watching video clips showing how tools and weapons were made many years ago. They had to move around the museum finding artefacts from the clues they were given. The children said that it was great to see all of the weapons and jewellery. A quote from one of the children was that it was educational and fun, and that it was ‘hands on’. They found the skeletons and the objects buried with them of great interest.
Year 4 Visit Salisbury Museum - Photo 1
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