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Youngsters feel the Samba beat

Published by Sibford School on Wednesday 20th of April 2016

The sounds of the Brazilian carnival echoed around Sibford School in Oxfordshire recently when pupils in Years 5 & 6 demonstrated their newly-found skills as Sambistas. Cyro Zuzi, of London-based Bish Bash Bosh, conducted two workshops demonstrating the art of samba reggae, a style of samba from the north-east of Brazil. The youngsters then put their new art to the test by performing a short concert. Rachel Bee, Junior School Music Teacher, said: “Not only were the workshops great fun but they were also excellent for co-ordination, watching and listening skills and encouraging team work … each individual instrument plays a simple rhythm but their combined sound was terrific.”
Youngsters feel the Samba beat - Photo 1
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