Badington House School

What our parents say - (source: Current parent questionnaire Autumn 2015)

Published Thursday 12th of May 2016 02:08:33 PM

• The school lives up to its motto: Inspiring your child. • There is a sense of well-being from the grounds to the classroom. • Our previous experience with another school was that they have a formula to produce successful pupils. However the pupil must fit the formula. Blue Coat simply inspires our child to be a better them. It's wonderful! • Students get extensive exposure to extracurricular activity without losing focus on academic rigour. • When I visited, the children at the school seemed to love it and I got a feeling of caring and not just achieving (although that is clearly important too). • Promotes a sense of team spirit for the children and a sense of belonging. • The facilities are excellent at Blue Coat, there’s no other school in Birmingham like it.

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