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Another year of outstanding results across the board for Mayfield’s girls: consistently excellent performances across the board

Published Thursday 25th of August 2016 12:23:03 PM

This year almost 15% of Mayfield girls achieved an awe-inspiring A*/A in 12 or more subjects! Over a quarter of the year achieved more than 10 A*/A grades and almost three quarters of the year each achieved at least 5 A*/A grades. This is all the more impressive as the school’s intake is not highly selective. It is testament not only to good teaching but also to girls who work hard and are keen, independent learners. Just as importantly these are girls who are also involved in a range of sporting, drama, music and community service activities. Every subject has its familiar success stories: 100% A*/A in Chemistry at GCSE echoes our A Level results and confirms business as usual for the Science department at Mayfield. Biology results were also impressive. Similarly, subjects as diverse as Further Maths, Sport and Greek all achieved 100% A*/A. As ever, high scores across the board encompassed a wide and varied range of additional departments with History, Geography, Art, Music, Maths and Further Maths, and Latin all also achieving over 80% A*/A, thus confirming the strength in depth for which Mayfield is rightly acclaimed. All girls are expected to study 3 sciences at GCSE, with at least one language and RS as well as Maths and English, and then have the choice of an additional 3 subjects. Girls study 10 or 11 GCSEs as part of the curriculum, but a number choose to take additional subjects. As usual, keen Mathematicians also took the Further Maths GCSE course. All achieved A*/A and this year almost 20% were graded at A* with Distinction (A^), indicating exceptional achievement at a level higher than A*. Davina Thomas from Mayfield who achieved 12 A* is an exceptionally talented Artist, but is going on to study Maths, Economics, History, Religious Studies and History of Art. Amanda McHugh from Tunbridge Wells, a keen actress and Musician achieved 9 A* and 3 As. She will be studying English, History, French, Music and RS. Olivia Larsson (11A* 2A) is aiming for Engineering and studying Pre-U, Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics and Maple Ng (A^ 10 A* A) who wants to study Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Music and Religious Studies are key members of Mayfield’s Schola Cantorum, which regularly sings at St Paul’s and Westminster Abbey and Cathedral. Katie White, a keen sportswoman and competitive swimmer for Mayfield and local club Beacon (11 A* 1A) will be studying Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Geography while fellow teammate Chelsea Henshaw (A^ 8A* 3A) who is also a compelling actress and school sacristan will be taking Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Latin. Mrs Sharon Rothero, Mayfield’s Head of Middle School, comments: “We are delighted that the hard work the girls have put into their studies over the course of the last two years has been rewarded by excellent results. This year group has had an excellent work ethic and have also been great fun to work with. It is particularly pleasing that so many girls have exceeded themselves in subjects that they have previously found difficult - and they should be thrilled.” Miss Antonia Beary, Mayfield’s Headmistress, comments: “At a time when the exam system is in a state of flux, we are delighted by another year of consistently high GCSE results in all subjects at Mayfield. The year group as a whole has done very well, and each individual has achieved results of which she can be proud. The many girls who have achieved strings of A*/As are to be congratulated, but we are also immensely proud of those girls who have more than exceeded our expectations (and their own!) with the grades they have achieved. These results confirm that the quality of a Mayfield education is based on depth, breadth and, of course, creativity. It is significant that finding time for sport, drama and music in addition to academic studies is a key ingredient in examination success and those girls achieving 10 A*/A enjoy contributing to the wider life of the school. These results also prove that girls don’t have to specialise at this early stage, but with appropriate challenge and support, they can be as successful at Science and Maths as they are at languages, or creative arts. These girls have an outstanding academic foundation on which to build, and their results ensure that they will be able to choose from a wide range of subjects at A Level and beyond. Mayfield has a proud history of producing scientists, innovators and artists and this year looks like being no exception.”
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