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Explosive Art Event at King Edward's Witley

Published Thursday 22nd of September 2016 09:33:59 AM

Pupils at King Edward’s Witley enjoyed their first weekend of the academic year, ‘getting creative’ in the grounds of Queen Mary House. Led by Graduate Assistant Teacher in Art, Miss Naomi Jivanda, the pupils learned about various experimental and influential artists including Jackson Pollock and the British-Indian sculptor Anish Kapoor. Following the ‘theory’ session, the students ventured into the outdoors to embrace the ‘practical’ side of learning and channel their own artistic talents on human canvases, which involved much flicking and smearing of paint on each other. Creative levels reached an all-time high when the pupils positioned a giant canvas against a tree and launched paint-filled eggs at it to evolve an utterly unique and explosive piece of art. Commenting on the activity, Mrs Shouksmith, Head of Art at King Edward’s Witley says, ‘it was wonderful to see the pupils embracing the concept of artistic exploration and to witness the enjoyment that registered so clearly on their faces. Wherever possible, we encourage our students to participate in active learning sessions, rather than restrict their education to text books and this exercise certainly allowed them to appreciate the ethos that supports the all-time greats such as Jackson Pollock and Anish Kapoor.” The resultant artwork will have pride of place in the Common Room of Queen Mary House, the base for Years 7 and 8 at King Edward’s and home to its younger boarders during term time.
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