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Language cafe pops up at ACS Cobham

Published Monday 24th of October 2016 10:21:28 AM

10 to 13-year-old students at ACS Cobham International School were recently transported to a continental café as part of an immersive language learning experience. The school library was converted into a pop-up European café, with Italian background music and teachers transformed into waiters and waitresses serving food and drinks. The students celebrated the diversity of languages and cultures at ACS Cobham by conversing in Vietnamese, Japanese and Italian, taught by parents and native-speakers, as well as their peers. This gave students the opportunity to become immersed in different cultures, practice and teach languages they already know, and become familiar with new ones in the specially created language cafe. Anne Hollyfield, the Middle School Teacher-Librarian, commented: "This is the second year we've done the Language Cafe, and it's fun to see how excited the parents are about teaching their languages. We always get a huge turnout from the students, and it's great to see the library being used in a non-traditional, but very community-orientated way." Izabela Komisarska, English as an Additional Language teacher at ACS Cobham, added: “The café was a wonderful way to celebrate linguistic diversity in ACS and provided our students with an opportunity to learn about different cultures and languages in an immersive and fun, way.”
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