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Hazlegrove pupils are 'Shipwrecked en France'

Published Thursday 24th of November 2016 03:48:59 PM

France came to Hazlegrove when a touring production company performed their play 'Shipwrecked en France' to pupils in Years 5 to 8. The play was performed by two actors - one French and one English and was done very cleverly to ensure that everyone could follow the plot. The French actress spoke slowly and clearly and there was lots of repetition in case the children missed anything. The story was based around a young English boy lost on the beach whilst on holiday in France. In his quest to get back to his hotel and be re-united with his parents, he encounters lots of French people on the way. His language skills are put to the test and he learns a lot of French too! The children had a great time and enjoyed watching and participating in the play which they thought was very funny. They were pleased, too, because they understood most of what the actors were saying. It was great opportunity to bring the French language into a real context – something the Hazlegrove languages department tries to do as much as it can to help the children learn.
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