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ACS Hillingdon around the world in 30 dishes

Published Tuesday 29th of November 2016 10:34:38 AM

ACS Hillingdon International School celebrated its multicultural community with students, parents and staff at its annual international food fair this month. Organised by the PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association), the 2016 ACS Hillingdon International Food Day saw over 700 students, teachers and staff enjoy a variety of food, drink and traditions from across the globe. Parent representatives from each country prepared and served their favourite native dishes, transforming the sports hall into an international food market decked with flags, decorations and traditional costumes. Guests took a mini-world tour, sampling new tastes and experiencing the sights and sounds of each native stall. Representing over 35 countries, the global cuisine on offer ranged from Afro-Caribbean Jerk Chicken and Indian Paneer to Greek stuffed vine leaves, Turkish Borek and the traditional Middle Eastern Kahwa. Debbie Keeley & Dawn Murphy, PTSA Multicultural Team Coordinators, commented: “Each year we are amazed at the efforts from the school community to help put on an incredible International Food Day. We want to thank all the volunteers involved who made it such a special event, looked forward to by all each year. “The day truly represents the school’s multicultural ethos and it is wonderful to bring everybody together and celebrate that.”
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