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Authors Kate O’Hearn and Helen Dennis visit Hazlegrove

Published Thursday 1st of December 2016 11:19:37 AM

Hazlegrove welcomed two popular authors recently to talk about their books and to run workshops with the children. Kate O’Hearn, author of Pegasus and Valkyrie, and Helen Dennis whose books include Secret Breakers and River of Ink author arrived at Hazlegrove for a whistle-stop evening of Greek and Norse myths, code-breaking and thrilling adventure. The evening absolutely whizzed by charged with the energy of Kate and Helen. The children had a great time meeting the authors, listening to their anecdotes and trying to work out codes. Their comments tell it all: • "It was interesting to find out how to actually crack the codes." • "I liked the way Kate got her ideas for stories from eBay!" • "It was great to meet the authors of some of my favourite books." • "The code-breaking was fun it was really nice to meet Kate and Helen." • "These are my favourite books and to meet Helen and Kate was awesome. I still can’t quite believe I met them!" Reading is thriving at Hazlegrove. The annual autumn term “reading millionaire” challenge is testament to this with boys and girls throughout the school striving to read a million words each by the end of term. The reward? Apart from the obvious enjoyment of reading all the books, there is membership of the Millionaires’ Club and a special banquet style lunch at the end of term!
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