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Prep Pupils Magically Celebrate Bestselling Book Series

Published Wednesday 22nd of February 2017 10:13:38 AM

Prep pupils embarked on a magical journey on Thursday 2 February. The excited young witches and wizards enjoyed their Hogwarts experience for Harry Potter Book Night; a global celebration of JK Rowling’s bestselling series. Once sorted into their Hogwarts’ Houses, the pupils, led by Hagrid (Mr Calvert), took a lantern lit walk down to the Great Hall, more widely known as the School Library. The hall was decorated with flying owls, Hogwarts House colours and a ghost. On arrival, they were welcomed by Professor Dumbledore (Prep School Headmaster Mike Schofield, in full beard, wig and robes) before sampling a range of magical classes led by various Hogwart’s professors. Any resemblance to Prep School teachers was surely coincidental. In Divination, tea leaves and crystal balls foretold the future, while in Potions, magical concoctions bubbled, smoked and changed colour. Pupils created and learned how to care for Magical Creatures, while History of Magic required pupils to devise and act out scenes of magic and adventure. The evening finished with a feast of Butterbeer and cauldron cakes before pupils were returned to the Muggle world.
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