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Culford Launches Mobile App

Published Friday 5th of May 2017 10:16:38 AM

Culford is excited to announce that a new mobile app for the School is now available to download from the App store. In response to the recent Communications Survey, we highlighted a couple of areas we could improve, including accessibility of information. The introduction of the new App will enhance the School’s communication with current parents, giving you instant access to the calendar, news and photo galleries. Another brilliant feature of the app is our ability to send notifications direct to your device. We intend to use this feature to send you important day-to-day updates such as informing you of cancelled sports matches, parent events and important reminders. Please see the instructions below to make sure you have this feature turned on. How to download and begin using the Culford App: The mobile app is available from the App Store and can be used on both mobile and tablet devices. To download it, search Culford School and click ‘GET’. Once downloaded, you will land on the news screen and will be able to scroll and read all the latest Culford News from all four schools. To access the main menu, simply click on the three lines in the left hand corner. You will then see a list, allowing you to view the School calendar, photo galleries, videos, and the map and contact details. To ensure your notifications are turned on, please click on the three dots on the right hand side. A screen will then pop up and you should select Notification Settings. From here, you will see two slider options for updates and news. Make sure both of these are switched on by turning the slider green. Click done to return to your home screen. You can also recap on previous notifications using the 3-dot right hand menu. Click this menu and select See Notifications. We hope that this app will provide you with timely information and keep you updated with all the latest Culford news and events. If you have any problems and queries, please contact the Communications Department on 01284 385315 or email communications@culford.co.uk
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