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Mayor Opens Cobham Hall’s Wellbeing Centre

Published Wednesday 10th of May 2017 12:47:09 PM

Life constantly presents us with a stream of challenges. They may be large or small, anticipated and planned for or sudden and unwelcome. The only guarantee is they will come, and in all manner of ways! With this in mind, our focus at Cobham Hall is on being proactive. We want our girls to develop resilience, in other words, to be able to bounce back. To assist, we have developed a dedicated extra-curricular programme that ties in with timetabled sessions on Wellbeing: a redesigned PSHE programme based on teaching virtues and positive character traits and have now added a well-stocked Wellbeing Centre to our facilities. The Mayor of Gravesham, Councillor Greta Goatley, at the official opening of Cobham Hall’s Wellbeing Centre, commented, “I was delighted be asked to be asked to open Cobham Hall School’s Wellbeing Centre. I received a very warm welcome from staff and students. Before opening the Centre the students were very informative on the difference this has made. When I went in the realisation hit me of what the School has achieved with this, the relaxing atmosphere for students to wind down in, activities to relieve any stress they may be feeling and who to go to with it and not to be afraid. It is very well organised and researched with staff and older students having done their training and will continue to do more. I also understand that Cobham Hall is one of the first to roll it out and other schools will follow this lead.” During the official opening, Headmaster Mr Mitchell thanked everyone that had been involved in developing the centre, especially Ms Fenice, Housemistress and in-house wellbeing champion, and Dr Pooky Knightsmith who, in addition to providing invaluable guidance and advice, presented the girls with a range of gifts for the room including games, a fibre optic lamp and sensory bubble tube. The Wellbeing room provides a space where girls can get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy day or evening and just take time out to relax, chat and play. There is a well-stocked collection of books and leaflets on a variety of issues covering emotional and physical health and self-care. Noticeboards around the room provide advice ranging from ‘how to be a good friend’ to ‘dealing with eating disorders’. Many of the displays have tear off strips for girls who don’t want to talk face-to-face, and there are details about how to access outside independent listeners. As well as information, there’s a wealth of relaxing activities with girls dropping in to use the colouring books, play Jenga, use the Play-Doh, or simply to blow bubbles. The School’s approach to well being is already recognised and appreciated by girls and parents with one saying, “I am so impressed that Cobham Hall treats the girls’ mental health as seriously as their physical health.” The School is also increasingly being recognised as a centre of excellence with Dr Pooky Knightsmith (from the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, PSHE Association and B-Eat) commenting on the School’s ‘remarkable progress’.
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