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Cobham students get a taste of uni life

Published Thursday 25th of May 2017 12:16:07 PM

The ‘University Subject Taster Day’ at ACS Cobham is designed to give students the chance to sample a range of higher education subjects before they start the university application process. Joanna Shearer, ACS Cobham University and College Counsellor, commented: “At age 16, the prospect of choosing a university course/major can be daunting. The Taster Day is a chance for students to participate in some innovative university-level mini master classes and workshops in a variety of fields. The day also gives students access to disciplines that they may not have encountered previously, such as Engineering or Law, and aims to encourage and inspire them with further opportunities to engage with their chosen fields outside of the classroom.” Across three afternoon sessions, students sampled several subjects including biomedical sciences; politics and international relations; medicine; art and design; modern languages; architecture and liberal arts. Each session was designed and led by academics from Imperial College London; Keele University; Loughborough University; the Royal Veterinary College; SOAS University of London and University of Bristol, to name a few. As well as the sample sessions, the taster day featured a keynote presentation from an ACS Alumni, Anna S.E. Lundberg, from the class of 2000, and who is now a careers specialist and business blogger. Her speech encouraged students to take charge of their futures and plan for success. ACS Cobham also has three dedicated University and College Counsellors, who remain on hand throughout the year to help students narrow down their international higher education options and assist with their university applications.
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