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Canford School 'Wins on Waste'

Published Thursday 8th of March 2018 09:35:03 AM

Canford pupils and staff have been working hard on environmental projects this term to raise awareness of recycling and to reduce waste. The school is working with local charity Ideas2Action www.ideas2action.org.uk which runs community recycling projects across Bournemouth, Poole, Wimborne and Holton Heath. Their ‘We Need That!’ recycling directory lists rubbish/recycling that could be needed and reused by not-for-profit organisations or individuals. Currently there are 35 organisations and 7 individuals looking for any number of items from a list of 88; everything from aerosol deodorant cans to wrapping paper. Pupils have been involved in a ‘Win on Waste’ project. They have designed and made green boxes and placed them round the school campus to collect specific items such as used biros, felt tips, highlighters, board markers or plastic mechanical pencils. These items will be recycled into plastic lumber which helps raise funds for research into brain tumours. Meanwhile, the contents of a ring pull collection box from empty drinks cans will be used to raise funds for The Purple Community Fund – these will be sent to the Philippines for very poor women to make jewellery or purses out of them which are then sent to the UK to be sold. The money is then sent back to the women in Philippines to help improve their lives there. Pupils have also encouraged the school community to reduce the amount of plastic disposable cups used by using china mugs instead. In a single week, this initiative has resulted in around 1200 less plastic cups being used at the school. Canford teacher Aislinn Pearce, who is organising the project with pupils, is delighted with the initial results: “We all recognise the need to cut down on waste and it is really satisfying to see how our recycling can make a difference both to people’s lives and to medical research. Pupils and staff have really embraced the initiatives and I am delighted that Canford has been nominated by Ideas2Action as its first school in their new Schools Network. We look forward to building on our initial projects and continuing to work closely with organisations such as Ideas2Action.” Monique Munroe, Business Manager for Ideas2Action said “I’m thrilled that Canford pupils have responded so positively to this opportunity of running their own Win on Waste. I was also particularly impressed to hear that they have encouraged staff not to use disposable cups for their drinks in the staff room anymore and now use mugs. I’m sure that Canford School Win on Waste is going to be a great success with pupils learning more about waste and how good causes can benefit from it.”
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