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Canfordian awarded degree apprenticeship with Goldman Sachs

Published Thursday 17th of May 2018 11:13:17 AM

Many congratulations to Upper Sixth Canford pupil Poppy Pinner who has been awarded a highly sought after degree apprenticeship with global financial giant Goldman Sachs. The firm launched its degree apprenticeship scheme in 2016 following a flagship scheme launched by the UK government in March 2015. The ‘Degree Apprenticeship Program’ allows participants to complete an apprenticeship within Goldman Sachs’ Technology division while studying for a degree at Queen Mary University of London. Queen Mary University of London is one of the UK’s leading research-focused higher education institutions. While studying for the Digital and Technology Solutions course, students will learn about new technologies and modern innovators, programming techniques and innovative software design. The placement within Goldman Sachs’ Technology division will allow apprentices to apply these academic skills to ongoing real time software and engineering assignments. After the four-year program, participants will graduate with a bachelor’s degree Digital and Technology Solutions, with the potential opportunity of a full time position with Goldman Sachs. Poppy is studying A Levels in Maths, Further Maths, Economics and Computer Science, and was previously considering degrees in Computer Science. Having felt a little dissatisfied with the range of university courses following her UCAS application, she spotted the Goldman Sachs opportunity through the Canford careers bulletin and decided to apply as an extra option. The application process was rigorous. Following an online application form, potential candidates were asked to participate in an online video interview consisting of eight questions which you had three minutes to answer at a time. Poppy passed this stage and was then invited to a face to face interview day at Goldman Sachs HQ in London which involved a Q&A session with existing employees followed by three interviews, one task based, one analytical thinking and one competency based. Poppy discovered she had been awarded an apprenticeship in April: “When I heard the good news I was thrilled! The more I waited and thought about the prospect the more excited I became. The main drawing factors of a degree apprenticeship are the vast work experience and no student debt, and to have the opportunity to work in a global, reputable firm such as Goldman Sachs at my age is incredibly exciting. I believe this will really broaden the possibility of different careers I will be exposed to, as well as the support and benefits I can gain from the company. From what I’ve seen, the work environment is fast paced, team orientated and challenging which suits me and my working preferences so the format of the degree apprenticeship suits me perfectly. I’m really looking forward to working on real problems and getting straight into work - it’s great to know I’ll be working on products to be used by real clients and of course having a salary is a definite bonus.” For more information about degree apprenticeships with Goldman Sachs, please visit http://www.goldmansachs.com/careers/students/programs/emea/technology-apprentices.html
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