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Cobham students celebrate success at regional swimming gala

Published Friday 23rd of November 2018 12:51:49 PM

ACS Cobham International School recently reigned victorious at the South West Regional Swimming Gala, qualifying the team for the national championships at the London Aquatics Centre. The senior and junior swimming teams dominated the competition winning 43 out of the 78 medals available. Two shields were awarded to the overall senior boys and overall senior girls teams, plus three cups – best overall girls, overall boys and overall school teams, making ACS the International Schools Association (ISA) champions of the South West Schools. Amanda Edwards, Assistant Head of Aquatics at ACS Cobham, said: “There were some outstanding individual and team performances from our ACS Cobham swimming team at this year's South West Gala, and I would like to specifically congratulate the 14 students who made the individual finals at the London Aquatics Centre. It will be wonderful for the students to attend a competition at such a prestigious venue where the world’s best swimmers competed in the 2012 Olympics. “All our students displayed exemplary sportsmanship and truly stepped up to the mark when competing against their peers. I’d also like to thank the team of coaches who helped the students achieved their great success by putting on extra team training sessions in the run up to the competition.” The national championships will see the ACS Cobham team representing the entire south west region on 1 December, 2018.
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