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ACS Cobham students showcase passion projects at school exhibition

Published Friday 23rd of November 2018 12:58:05 PM

Students aged 13 – 14 from ACS Cobham International School recently showcased their work, created for a six-week individual project, ‘iTime’, to parents, staff and fellow students at the school. The iTime projects are designed for students in grade eight to celebrate all they have learnt during their Middle School education at ACS Cobham prior to High School. Students individually decide their project topic choice, which enables great scope for creativity and allows the project to be tailored to the students’ own passions and interests. This year, highlights included projects on designing the perfect football boot, creating the perfect vegan meal, and investigating the benefits of sporting activity on your physical and mental wellbeing. Students are formally assessed in skills such as self-management, research, communication, critical and creative thinking, and collaboration. Axel, an ACS student who presented a project on creating the perfect vegan meal, said: “The iTime project has been a really great way for me to improve my research skills and teach me how to plan my time more effectively. Being able to personally investigate a project that’s of special interest to me, vegetarianism and veganism, made me work even harder and put my all into making it some of the best school work I’ve done.” As part of the project, students are also required to keep a process journal throughout, recording the skills developed on their iTime project journey. Additionally, the students write a reflective report which details their achievements and challenges faced. Tania Asif, teacher of IT at ACS Cobham Middle School, said: “As always, the students surprise and delight me with the originality and scope of their ideas. The presentations reflect the weeks of hard work that goes into the iTime project. The exhibition has been one of my favourite school events of the year so far, as I had the opportunity to celebrate the extraordinary work our students are capable of.”
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