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Housemother Blog - Chalmers East

Published Wednesday 28th of November 2018 03:06:17 PM

Welcome! Welcome to Chalmers East! Please feel free to come in and see what has been happening this week. Total Table Tennis Mania On a normal day, the boys like to start things off with a good game of table tennis. All before 8.00am and after a Full English Breakfast too! Our Housemaster, Mr Lear, and Mr Robson have also got into the spirit of things and have been practising their table tennis skills at lunchtimes, as the boys are getting good and they don’t want to be shown up! This week the boys have decided to set up a Boarders versus Dayboys table tennis ladder. I am not sure what this involves exactly, but it sounds exhausting… Whole School Assembly On a Tuesday morning, the whole School gathers in the Memorial Hall for Assembly. One of my favourite parts of this event is when 450 boys, plus staff, sing Happy Birthday to any pupils who are unlucky/lucky enough to be celebrating that day – as you can imagine there is quite a lot of cringing, shuffling of feet and rolling of eyes (sorry Joseph!) Additionally, boys who have excelled in any kind of event, come up on stage to shake the Headmaster’s and other teachers’ hands. Inigo, Euan and Matthew, from Chalmers East, were some of the boys who went up on stage this week for winning the Tennis Schools Regionals. Well done boys! Weekend Leave High Jinks Once a term, the boys finish school at lunchtime on Friday and come back to lessons on Tuesday morning. This is a really important opportunity for the boys to have a rest, as they have been working so hard. Sleep and eating crisps seems to be the main recent weekend leave activity, but some of the boys faced the outside world and here is the evidence. Will and Constantin visited the Royal and Ancient Clubhouse in St Andrews and enjoyed the view (while eating some crisps). Felix spent some time in Strathpeffer in the Highlands and took this amazing photo of Autumnal colour. Housemother Q&A with Andrew Q - Your best moment so far at Merchiston? A - Winning the Langley Rugby Tournament Q - And the funniest? A - Accidentally calling female teachers Sir. Q -If you were an animal? A - A pelican Q - Describe yourself in 3 words. A - Special, rugby, happy Q - Your superpower of choice? A - To make fish be able to breathe out of water. Q - Tell us about your plans for world domination. A - I get voted Q - Pick a song which sums you up? A - Crazy by Gnarls Barkley U18 v GWC Rugby Match The Chalmers East boys braced freezing conditions to stand and support the Merchiston U18 Team against Watsons on Thursday. Felix took these amazing photos, which perfectly capture the euphoric atmosphere and support that the boys at Merchiston always offer each other. Wellbeing Chats The boys in Chalmers East have regular Wellbeing Chats. These are just an informal way of finding out how they are getting on and if there are any issues, no matter how small, which we can help them with. I enjoy chatting to the boys and finding out about what they like doing in their spare time, when they are not working hard at their studies. Recent discussions involved taking engines apart as a form of relaxation, entrepreneurial start-ups and Lindsey Buckingham’s guitar solo on Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain. A Distinct Lack of Teenage Moaning It is a real pleasure to work as a Housemother in Chalmers East, as I am constantly amazed at the boys’ resilience and cheerfulness. The boys have to pack a lot into one day and go swiftly from lesson to activity and this does involve a lot of organisation and self-discipline. They finish their prep after 8.00pm and still have enough energy to go out again and play football on the Astro. They are a great bunch and I am very proud of all their hard work, smiles and enthusiasm for life at Merchiston. Well done boys! Mrs Allison
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