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ACS Egham victorious in international tournament

Published Friday 30th of November 2018 10:08:02 AM

ACS Egham reigned victorious in the International School Sports Association (ISSA) boys’ volleyball championship this month, with the team triumphing over seven other international schools from across Europe. The three-day competition hosted by St. Dominic’s International School in Lisbon, involved schools from Spain, Portugal, London and Scotland. The tournament, played in a round-robin style, saw the Egham team comfortably cruise through to the final, losing only one match to the Lycée Francais Charles De Gaulle team from London. ACS Egham faced Lycée Francais again in the final, coming from two sets down to take the victory and the championship. Bill Roach, Interim Athletic Director at ACS Egham, said of the success: “Tournaments like the ISSA’s are fantastic opportunities for teams from ACS to experience the international world of sport. I’m incredibly proud of our boys’ volleyball team who performed exceptionally well in the competitive environment and were gracious in victory. To come back from two sets down in the championship match shows the tenacity and talent of our varsity team.”
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