Ratcliffe College Top 09/02/22

Daisy Wins National Boarding Schools Photography Competition

Published Thursday 7th of March 2019 08:45:13 AM

We are delighted to announce that Daisy in the Upper Sixth has won the National Boarding Schools Photography Competition. Each entrant had to describe their inspiration for their photo. Daisy writes: “Inspiration of image: Koi fish(a type of golden carp)are a sign of luck in many Asian Countries, and the annular waves of the water give us a sense of time. This image shows my wish for the world to be in peace and happiness as time passes on. “I have been involved in art and music as a way to record the everyday beauty of life, and to express my feelings deep inside, which may not be fully described by verbal languages.” Daisy will receive a prize from the BSA and we look forward to displaying her photo in school.
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