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World book day celebrations at Barrow Hills

Published Monday 11th of March 2019 10:24:59 AM

‘Reading makes all other learning possible. We have to get books into our children’s hands early and often’ The sentiment behind the words of Barack Obama were put into practice at Barrow Hills this week as children celebrate the 22nd World Book Day on 7th March 2019 with a series of activities throughout the week, each designed to encourage children of all ages to come together to appreciate and explore the pleasures of books and reading. Throughout the week, children took part in a sponsored read, which invited them to read as much as possible. Monies raised will be donated to the English Department to facilitate further enrichment activities, including author visits. In addition, the children took part in a ‘Hedgehog Trail’ – a trail of eight hedgehogs crafted from old books. They answered a series of book-based questions, to enter the prize draw to win a book token. Other events included: ● Tuesday 5th March – Usborne Books Book Fair, the most successful specialist children’s publisher (Nielsen BookScan 2017) hosted a book fair at the School. Children had the opportunity to purchase books for themselves or as a donation for the School library. ● Wednesday 6th March – New York Times best-selling author G.P. Taylor visited the School to talk about his work which includes writing the hit novels Shadowmancer, Mariah Mundi (Mariah Mundi – The Midas Box, Mariah Mundi and the Ghost Diamonds, Mariah Mundi and the Ship of Foods), Redeye, Dust Blood and Oracle. ● Thursday 7th March – staff and parents visited different classes to read aloud to the children from their favourite childhood book or from a book that their children have enjoyed. In the evening, children in Years 3 to 8 were invited back to School in their onesies or pyjamas and dressing gowns (teddies optional!) for a bedtime story, hot chocolate and a biscuit. Each year group enjoyed different books, with Years 7 and 8 treated to some spooky Gothic fiction. ● Friday 8th March – the renowned annual dressing up day, children were encouraged to arrive at school dressed as a character from their favourite book. Luisa Mason, Head of English and Drama coordinated the week-long programme of celebrations. She commented, “At Barrow Hills, we encourage our children to be scholarly, curious and joyful, attributes which can all be accessed by developing a healthy appetite for reading. We put as much effort as possible into celebrating World Book Day – hence a week’s worth of activities rather than just one day. The children were so excited to meet G.P.Taylor and were clearly inspired by his passion for books. You never know, in years to come, some may reflect on how meeting a children’s author proved a catalyst for them embarking upon a career as a writer!”
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