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Year 2 Visit Slimbridge Wetland And Wildlife Reserve

Published Tuesday 14th of May 2019 10:17:31 AM

Last week, Year 2 spent the day exploring Slimbridge Wetland and Wildlife Reserve. The children took part in a workshop called ‘What lives in a wetland?’ where they learnt about different animals’ adaptations for life in a wetland. Amongst the different activities, the children were blindfolded and had to use their senses to identify plants and animals in the wetland. They were also given special listening equipment so they could hear the noises of the tiny insects and animals that live in the wetland. The pupils enjoyed learning about the three North American otters at Slimbridge and were lucky enough to watch them being fed. The children saw six different varieties of flamingo and discovered that Slimbridge is the only place in the world where you can see all the different types of flamingo together. Each of the children had their own bag of feed and were given a chance to feed the ducks, geese and swans. The children even had the opportunity to see a family of geese with six young goslings, but had to be very quiet around them as the parents were very protective.
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