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Pupils attempt sock puppet world record!

Published Monday 17th of June 2019 11:03:25 AM

Pupils at The Blue Coat School have been attempting to secure a Guinness World Records™title! The record-breaking project, spearheaded by Year 2 Co-ordinator, Mrs Nicola Wingfield, was a wonderful way to bring the whole school community together. From the youngest children in Buttons Nursery aged 2 years, to the senior pupils in Year 6, along with teachers, teaching assistants, support staff, old scholars and friends, the Guinness World Records challenge saw hundreds of brightly coloured socks decorated and transformed into hand puppets. In Buttons Nursery, the sock puppets were themed in bright red with black spots for the ladybird room and green for the caterpillars, whilst higher up the school there was a mix of puppets with googly-eyes, hair, ribbon, sequins and other adornments. The Estates team marked out a grid in which to assemble the whole school and a team of trusty adjudicators and independent witnesses were selected to monitor the record attempt closely. With strict guidelines to follow it was a huge team effort. At just after 10am on Monday 3 June, the School began to enter single file into the allocated area and 628 sock puppets were held aloft for the required one minute as the school danced along to music and celebrated together in a memorable occasion. The day will almost certainly form a special memory for all those who participated and hopefully when the School receives confirmation of its successful attempt, it can go down as another special moment in Blue Coat’s history!
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