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Year 5 Enjoy Pond Dipping Activity At Senior School

Published Wednesday 19th of June 2019 11:56:54 AM

Last week, children in Year 5 took part in a pond dipping session at the Senior School, where they learnt about the difference between a healthy and unhealthy pond. The pupils filled trays with some of the School’s pond water and then took them inside to see what they could identify. The most common animals found in the children’s trays were the water snail, water beetle and the pond skater. The children also observed a Daphnia under a microscope, where they looked at it at 400x its actual size; some of the pupils were even lucky enough to see it’s heart beating. Year 5 really enjoyed developing their skills when using the microscopes and particularly enjoyed watching a video on how different pond animals hold their breath for long periods of time.
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