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Canford Partnerships to India, Argentina and Ghana

Published Tuesday 20th of August 2019 03:57:26 PM

Over the summer, Canford pupils have travelled to India, Argentina and Ghana as part of the Canford Partnership projects. The Partnership builds and maintains relationships with vulnerable communities in these countries, and relationships with the communities are well established, in the case of the link with India now over 20 years old. These trips continue to demonstrate the value of education and voluntary work, and give our pupils a greater insight into the challenges faced by people in some of the poorest countries in the world. The India Partnership is based at the Goodwill Children’s Homes in Tamil Nadu in Southern India. Here, they taught children of a variety of ages subjects, including Maths and English. The group visited a number of villages, and at each, gave every child a school bag which contained dresses for girls and shifts for boys. The children were thrilled with their gifts. One pupil summarised how rewarding and valuable this experience was, reporting: “This was a moment to savour, which holds a sentimental value, a moment the children won’t forget … and neither will we”. Visiting Hogar el Alba, an orphanage outside of Buenos Aires. Canford pupils completed voluntary work on three boarding house walls and on planting projects. The group also enjoyed engaging in reciprocal dance performances with the children. The hands-on involvement of the group during this annual trip remains highly valued by the Partnership, as Canfordians once again helped organise the annual Megafestival. This was attended by one thousand locals, including the UK ambassador Mike Kent. Twelve Canford pupils joined the Partnership trip to Ghana. Travelling to Awutu Winton Senior High School - the only free secondary school in Ghana – pupils rose to the challenge of leading a moral assembly and helped to improve the facilities at the school, making a gravel path for the garden. The trip was sport filled; Ghanaian’s joined Canford pupils in playing rugby, football and water sports. As they visited a number of orphanages and villages, Elmina Castle (Africa’s oldest slave port) and Kakum National Park, Canford pupils increased their global awareness. On their experience of one orphanage, one pupil highlights: “It was very much a place of hope, and it was inspiring to see how much volunteering and financial support can contribute”. Dr David Neill, Deputy Head Co-Curricular, commented: “The annual Canford Partnerships continue to demonstrate the global value of Canford pupil work. The opportunities for development through a variety of voluntary work are equally positive for these local communities and for Canford pupils. These experiences have an enduring impact on local communities, and for the group once they return home”. For more information including reports from this year’s Partnerships please visit the relevant dedicated pages on our website. Argentina Partnership Ghana Partnership India Partnership Additional reporting by Alice Martyr
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