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Year 13 Students Explore Ecosystems On Biology Trip

Published Wednesday 2nd of October 2019 11:32:33 AM

Last Thursday, 29 Year 13 Biologists spent the morning in Berrow Village Hall, familiarising themselves with various sampling techniques before putting what they had learned into practice. The students studied the process of succession and carried out an interrupted belt transect to measure the distribution and abundance of the various plant species. After collecting biotic and abiotic measurements and various soil samples, they headed back to the Village Hall to process the data and draw conclusions. On Friday the group were based in Shapwick Village Hall where they spent time studying the concept of energy flow through an ecosystem. The students also travelled to Westhay National Nature Reserve where they sampled, identified and kept a tally of fresh water invertebrates. Back in the village hall, the students processed their data and drew pyramids of numbers for this freshwater ecosystem.
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