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Roman Invasion at Norwich High

Published Monday 7th of November 2011 10:36:40 AM

Marcvs Cassivs, a Roman Centurion, and Caivs, his trusty standard bearer, are coming to Norwich High School for Girls on Friday 4th November, to give Year 8 pupils a basic training in drill, using Latin commands.

Legion XIIII are a group of Hertfordshire based classicists and archaeologists who claim to put flesh on the bones of history. This is achieved by touring schools and public areas across the globe, communicating through impressive displays of ancient military technique and equipment.

'We are all really looking forward to the visit', commented Mrs Ingham, Head of Classics at Norwich High School. 'The girls study classics and Latin it is wonderful to be able to see the language and history brought to life. It adds a whole new dimension to their studies.' Girls who go on to take GCSE Classical Civilisation will be studying family life in Roman times, while those who opt to continue Latin to GCSE will learn about the Roman army as part of the course.

Legion XIIII will demonstrate the use of various Roman weapons, including the sling and javelin. A Roman woman will also demonstrate the Roman way of life and will discuss artefacts such as mirrors, combs, jewellery and coins. She will also dress and make up a girl as a demonstration.

Legion XIIII educate through humour, entertainment, artefacts and involvement. All their equipment is carefully copied from original artefacts. The group's primary objective is to revive the heritage of European culture and bring the excitement of ancient history to life.

The group has worked on ITV/BBC educational programmes as well as the Discovery Channel, USA. They have visited over 1800 schools in the UK and also schools in Europe and the USA. They acted as advisors for the film 'Gladiator'.

For further details about Legion XIIII, log on to their web site - www.legion-fourteen.com
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