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Medicine through time

Published Monday 14th of October 2019 11:50:16 AM

Year 6 had a brilliant day learning about all things ‘medicine’ and how this has developed throughout history. A particularly apt topic as many of the children are thinking of becoming doctors of the future. First, the children were treated to a trip to our friends in America where they discovered that, without weapons, the Brits managed to wipe out 95% of the population! It turns out that the British had carried their diseases with them and the poor Americans were not used to them. David our history expert, then took the children through The Stone Age, the Roman Era and into World War 2 where he shared some gruesome facts about how soldiers’ wounds were treated during battle. Here’s what some of our Year 6 children had to say about their day: "Being Greek, learning about Ancient Greek medicine methods was fascinating. We still use some of those ideas today!" (Filippos) "I loved learning about Florence Nightingale because I found it fascinating that she saved so many people." (Tabitha) "I didn’t know that WWI was so gruesome and what happened to soldiers in battle." (Will) "If it wasn’t for Alexander Fleming, we wouldn’t have antibiotics to save us!" (Delina)
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