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Dauntsey’s Launches Enrichment Programme for Upper Sixth Students

Published Monday 12th of October 2020 11:58:29 AM

Dauntsey’s has launched a new enrichment programme for its Upper Sixth students whose A-levels have been cancelled due to Covid-19.

Once assessments are complete, the students will be able to take part in a series of enrichment courses designed to challenge and stimulate and provide a head start on life beyond school, whether it be in the world of work, University or a gap year.

The courses range from An Introduction to Law to Spanish for your Gap Year through to Pre-University Social Sciences and an Introduction to Gothic Literature. The sessions run remotely from early May through to July.

One course already proving popular is the The Dauntsey's MBA-lite, run by the School’s Bursar. For those 18-year old students interested in finance, business management or accounting, the course is intended to provide a taster of some of the technical concepts that drive management decision-making. It will include recent case studies of real-life business issues and consist of six one-hour weekly tutorials run via Microsoft Teams, supplemented by reading materials and independent research relevant to each week’s tutorial.

Sam Moore, Head of Adventure Education, and the mastermind behind the programme, said:

“Education is about much more than exams and the cancellation of the summer exams has given us the opportunity to offer our students a range of enrichment courses. These may be relevant to their chosen higher education course or future employment, they may provide an opportunity to study something completely different or learn a practical skill.”

Mark Lascelles, Head Master, Dauntsey’s added:

“We very much hope that students will sign up for a range of courses and will enjoy learning without the pressure of exams on the horizon. Staff have been incredibly enthusiastic about the opportunity to share their knowledge and interests in a very different way to teaching within the curriculum and I am really looking forward to seeing Dauntsey’s on-line enrichment courses in action.”

The full list of courses on offer includes:

• Pre-University Social Sciences
• Aspiring to Lead
• The Dauntsey's MBA-lite
• Introduction to Law
• An Introduction to Engineering at University
• British Sign Language and the Rest - Non-Verbal Communication
• “Lesser than Macbeth; and greater”: a module on Shakespeare’s key works
• An Introduction to Gothic Literature
• A Nascent Nation: A Narrative of Italy in the Nineteenth Century
• Theatre in Lockdown
• Global Catastrophes – a Short History of the End of the World
• Reading Club
• Introduction to Interesting Psychology
• Theory of Knowledge; How do you know you know what you know?
• Spanish for your GAP year
• RYA Day Skipper Theory
• An Introduction to Political Thought
• British Political History, 1945 to present day
• An introduction to International Relations
• International Relations: Middle East case study
• Introduction to Law
• The Duality of Human Nature
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