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Barrow Hills Children Launch Appeal 2021

Published Tuesday 20th of April 2021 12:00:00 PM

A local children’s charity is set to benefit from Barrow Hills School’s annual fundraising event, the Lenten Appeal, which ran during the second half of the spring term.

The entire school, from nursery through to Year 8, came together for the Appeal supporting the Guildford branch of the charity ‘Challengers’. The charity aims to provide a truly inclusive, fun and safe place where all disabled children and young people can spend time with their friends, which in turn offers a positive impact for families and the wider community.

During the last three weeks of the spring term, children were encouraged to raise money, either by being sponsored for a specific activity at school or home, doing some chores around the house or garden or simply donating some pocket money.

Years 3 and 4 decided to complete part of their fundraising at school. On a sunny Friday morning, sporting all kinds of crazy headgear, they headed to the field to complete a run, followed by some hotly contested team games and relays.

The activities undertaken by the children at home were many and varied and certainly challenging! There was delicious baking from several of the girls in Year 5, including 168 cup cakes made and sold by Edith. Other children ran, walked and cycled extreme distances to gather sponsorship. Louis in Year 4 was inspired to run for Challengers and covered a full marathon distance in eight days. Covering this amazing mileage meant some early starts before school. Max in Year 5 bravely shaved off his lockdown locks, raising an impressive amount in the process.

Commenting on the Lenten Appeal, Deputy Head, Paul Crisell said, “Each year, the Lenten Appeal captures the qualities Barrow Hills’ children aspire to as part of our Pupil Profile. They are compassionate towards others, in the school and in the wider world, generous of spirit, and in sharing their time and their gifts and are growing to become responsible members of the community. They were also incredibly joyful as they undertook their fundraising and all understood the message that by giving something up, (including their time), or by challenging themselves, they are helping those in need.”
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