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Year 6 have 'FUN' competing in the LEGOLeague Challenge

Published Monday 12th of December 2011 03:46:38 PM

This year's LEGOLeague 'Food Factor 'Challenge competition at the Hewlett Packard Laboratories in Bristol, captured the imagination of the children in Year 6. The innovative challenge encourages a cross curricular approach using Programming and Control, Design and Technology, Mathematics, Research, Presentation Skills, Strategic Thinking and Teamwork to achieve the aims of the challenge.

The Team 'Food Understanding Network' (FUN) were asked to investigate food and find one way to improve its safe delivery. Questions they considered while preparing their presentation included: Where does your food come from? How is it grown? Where has it been? Who handled it? How did it get to your kitchen cupboard? Who protected it along the way? How did they prevent spoiling and contamination? How did they decide which food was good and which was spoiled or contaminated?

After the children learnt about our food's journey from ground to table, they searched out how and where our food could become spoiled or contaminated. They chose one problem that our food faces, researched it and created a presentation that illustrated their innovative solution to that problem.

For the Food Factor Robot Game, the team's robot was tasked to put some common foods through just a few of the steps food goes through in order to get into our stomachs, while either avoiding or dealing with contamination!

And the results....Congratulations to the team who were runners up in the Core Values category! They demonstrated that they understood that friendly competition and mutual gain are not separate goals and that helping one another is the foundation of teamwork.

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