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Year 8 Trip to London

Published by Bede's Senior School on Tuesday 30th of November 2021

On Thursday 4 November, Year 8 went on a school trip up to London to look at the tower of London (a very important place in the period that we are studying in history at the moment) and then we went on to visit Westminster Abbey. We all loved it and it really made everything that we are learning really come to life.

We started the day with an early start, needing to be in school by 6:45am, it was tough but worth it in the end. When we arrived at school, we were put onto 2 buses by 7:30 and arrived at the tower by 11:00.

At the tower, we split into two groups. First, one group went on a guided tour of the prison aspect of the tower with someone who worked there. The tour involved roleplay of events and in-depth explanations of life at the tower. After that, Mrs Brown took us on a short tour around the building, showing us places such as the execution site and the crown jewels.

After going to the tower of London, we got on the buses and travelled over to Westminster Abbey. We arrived a bit late but thanks to the amazing teachers and drivers taking us on this trip, we managed to redirect ourselves away from protests that were on our route and get to the Abbey with enough time left to have a tour of the beautiful Lady’s chapel and part of the main chapel. We learned the history of the Abbey and looked at the tombs and memorials for lots of important people in history, from Anne of Cleves to William Shakespeare.

Finally, we got back on the bus to begin the long journey back to Eastbourne. It was a very fun trip but we couldn’t have done it without the amazing teachers who came with us and the workers who gave us tours so I just want to say thank you to all of the amazing staff and workers who gave up their time to enhance our learning further.
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