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NHS's Caistor skeletons?

Published Friday 1st of October 2010 12:06:51 PM

'Caistor was a city when Norwich was none Norwich was built with Caistor's stone'

So runs an ancient children's rhyme and this summer archaeologists from the Caistor Roman Project will be digging up those stones to reveal more of the city the Romans built when they conquered Boudica.

Last year a number of skeletons were discovered. Who knows what may be found this year?

Fred Marsham, NHS groundsman, helped with the interpretation of the site by taking his line marking equipment and white marking chalk out to the site in August to highlight the layout of the ancient streets, a major task as there are about four kilometres of streets within the old town walls. This will help members of the public and children on school visits to visualise the size of the town and how life was lived among its buildings, now below ground level.

The most exciting part of our visit was being able to take part in a 'dig' of our own: the photograph shows our discovery!

Our thanks go to Mrs Marchant and Mr Ray for organising the visit and to Will Bowden, Hazel Leese, Dave Bescoby and all the team at Caistor for making our visit so enjoyable. Our thanks also go to the parent helpers who accompanied the visit.
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