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Merchiston Castle School and St George's Present John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men

Published Thursday 9th of August 2012 11:58:54 AM

Written by the Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winning author famed for his gritty realism, Of Mice and Men is the moving tale of the days and dreams of two migrant workers in the Californian dustbowl. The play, modified by Steinbeck himself, is a faithful adaptation of the original story and a powerful exploration of the universality of loneliness and the enduring power of friendship. An emotional rollercoaster conveying the futility of harsh ranch life men grasping for a life of certainty, for a future and for the fulfilment of their dreams, but thwarted by the cruel realities of life - it is easy to see why this was dubbed Steinbeck's 'little masterpiece.'

This year, Merchiston and St George's are bringing their intimate and original performance of this play to the Edinburgh Fringe. Inspired by a love of the text and a love of the stage, this is a production driven by the students themselves from the direction, the stage management, the marketing to, of course, the acting itself! Young and energetic, the cast and crew have invested their passion into their work, producing an incredibly potent and moving 90 minutes of performance.

In the intimate venue of theSpace @ Niddry St, the audience surrounds this production on three sides, bringing the emotions and humanity of the characters to life in an intense and heart-rending production.

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