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Rags over riches - 05/12/12

Published Wednesday 19th of December 2012 11:03:32 AM

The traditional happy ever after version of 'Cinderella' was turned on its head by Year 4 pupils at in November when they staged a fantastic performance of the Roald Dahl musical version of the classic tale.

Based on Dahl's hugely popular revolting rhyme the alternative Cinderella story tells the tale of a more streetwise Cinderella, who after defying her ugly sisters and going to the ball, with the help of her trusty fairy godmother, finds out that Prince Charming isn't all he appears to be.

Deciding that she would rather do without riches and the finer things in life if it means living with a man who likes to chop off heads, Cinderella declares that the Prince is not the one for her! Granted one more wish by the magic fairy she decides that simple is best and ends up perfectly contented and married to the jam maker!

The children displayed huge energy and enthusiasm as they worked their way through a number of catchy songs, including 'A Slave To Household Grease And Grime', 'Off to The Ball!', 'The Smelly Feet Blues' and 'The Jam Man'.

Mrs Waters, Year 4 teacher and Production Director said, 'The whole of Year 4 should be really proud of themselves for putting on such a brilliant performance. The audience was hugely impressed by the effort that the children had clearly put into their rehearsals and it was a resounding success.'
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