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Kent Private Schools & Special Schools


The isbi Schools Directory Guide To The Top Private Schools & Colleges In Kent

For anyone planning a move to or within Kent in South East England we have collated information below about different places to live, schools, estate agents and other information we think useful for relocating within this fantastic Surrey.

Offering some of the best living anywhere in Great Britain, Kent’s famous British cities and towns include Royal Tunbridge Wells, Folkestone and Margate.

Kent has a great choice of high quality UK private schools, beautiful countryside, lots of activities and excellent housing - with a fantastic range of different property to call home, from country mansions and estates, cottages and bungalows to new build executive housing, family townhouses and apartments.

"Kent is full of beautiful beaches, stunning castles, exciting culture and delicious food and drink. Our corner of England is one of the best UK destinations with a multitude of things to do and places to see. We've got some of the best beaches in Europe - voted by Lonely Planet - as well as art galleries, elegant stately homes, romantic getaways, fun-filled family attractions, and more than 4,000 of exhilarating foot and cycle trails." Visit Kent

Kent lies on the Eastern point of the English Channel, sharing borders with Surrey, Sussex and Essex and Greater London. 

Kent has been known as the “Garden of England” for over 400 years! The rich soils of Kent produce the famous Wimbledon strawberries each year, however the county earned its nickname for its abundance of Orchards and Hop gardens.




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We highly recommend attending School Open Days - they are a great way to learn about and to experience a school and discover if it is the best school for you - or alternatively ask for a private tour of your favourite schools, when it suits you.

Looking for a prestigious Independent (private) school in Surrey, GB?

If you are thinking of moving to live in Kent (or you already live in Kent but are considering relocating) and you and your family are researching some of the best private schools in Kent there is a big choice of high quality Kent schools, with a number of the Surrey’s highest ranking Independent schools considered to be some of the best in the UK. 

Surrey’s private education sector features day schools and boarding schools, girls’ schools, boys’ schools and co-educational (mixed) schools, including leading private Nurseries, Prep Schools, Independent Secondary and Sixth Form schools and colleges. 

Find Private Schools In Kent UK (Or "Private Schools Near Me")

Developed over the last 36+ years, the isbi School Search Directory is one of the largest and most comprehensive private schools directories available, helping thousands of families to find, compare and select good schools since the 1980s.

>   You can search for private schools with a reputation for excellence in Kent and in the city of Royal Tunbridge Wells and towns like Folkestone and Margate by using our Private Schools Directory and Independent Schools Finder (powered by isbi's School Search Directory) or by clicking on the names of the schools and colleges listed below to see detailed profiles with photos, videos, maps etc.

>   With our expanded school search technology you can filter your search by the type of school you are looking for such as day and boarding, gender, age range, academic study, religious affiliation, school fees, scholarships and bursaries, open days etc.

>   You can also focus your search on just private Pre-Prep and Prep schools or on Independent Senior and Sixth Form schools and colleges, or view search results for all of them together.

Please explore isbi.com for detailed information and guides about good schools of all types and for open days, school and college and news, articles and blogs with details of school associations, glossaries and explanations about examinations and qualifications and expert advice about independent education at private schools and colleges around the UK and worldwide.




Please see below for a full list of private schools and colleges in Kent, some of the best of which being:



St Lawrence College

College Road, Ramsgate, Kent, England CT11 7AE
Tel: +44 (0) 1843 572931

Private School (Fee Paying) Co-Educational 3 - 18 Years Day & Boarding (Flexi, Full, Weekly)

Founded in 1879, St Lawrence College is a thriving independent day and boarding school, providing a first class education for boys and girls from 3 to 18 years.

[Read More About St Lawrence College...]



Sutton Valance Preparatory School

Maidstone, Kent, ME17 3RF

Private School (Fee Paying), Girls, 2-13 years, Day & Boarding (Full)

Sutton Valence ensures that their pupils leave as tenacious, articulate, compassionate and open-minded individuals, prepared for the next stage of their learning journey.

[Read More About Sutton Valence Preparatory School...



Sutton Valance School

Maidstone, Kent, ME17 3HL

Private School (Fee Paying), Co-Educational, 11-18 Years, Boarding (Full, Weekly)

Sutton Valance wants their students to be confident, tolerant and open-minded individuals who possess a love of learning and a strong set of values reflecting their principles as a Christian Foundation.

[Read More About Sutton Valance School...



Cobham Hall

Gravesend, Kent, England, DA12 3BL

Private School (Fee Paying), Girls, 11-18 Years, Day & Boarding (Full)

At the foundation of Cobham Hall’s educational experience are the core values of Trust, Respect, Honesty, Kindness and Tolerance. These values, along with their Round Square ideals, provide the structure for our Personal Discovery Framework – a journey of growth and development that each student will undertake at Cobham Hall.

[Read More About Cobham Hall School...



Bethany School

Cranbrook, Kent, England, TN17 1LB

Private School (Fee Paying), Co-Educational, 11-18 Years, Day & Boarding (Flexi, Full, Weekly)

The environment at Bethany is that of a vibrant and caring community which creates a supportive platform from which your child can learn and progress..

[Read More About Bethany School...]



Babington House School

Chislehurst, Kent, England, BR7 5ES

Private School (Fee Paying), Co-Educational, 3 -18 Years, Day

Babington House School is an independent co-educational day school from 3 to 18 years, situated in a beautiful group of buildings on Grange Drive in Chislehurst, near Bromley. It is an excellent school achieving amazing results and inspiring pupils from Nursery right up to the Sixth Form. 

[Read More About Babington House School...]



The Duke of York's Royal Military School

Dover, Kent, England, CT15 5EQ

State Boarding School (Fee Paying), Co-Educational, 11 -18 Boarding (Full, Weekly)

Outstanding facilities, all-round education and rich heritage - there are many reasons to consider the Duke of York’s Royal Military School. The country’s only state full-boarding school offers a wide breadth of opportunities to students.

[Read More About The Duke of York Royal Military Collegel...]



 Kent College, Canterbury

Canterbury, Kent, England, CT2 9DT

Private School (Fee Paying), Co-Educational, 11 -18 Day & Boarding (Full)

Kent College is located on the outskirts of the beautiful cathedral city of Canterbury. Our school is proud both of its 130 years of history and tradition, and of its forward-looking, innovative approach to education.

[Read More About Kent College, Canterbury...]



 Dover College

Dover, Kent, England, CT17 9RH

Private School (Fee Paying), Co-Educational, 3 -18 Day & Boarding (Full, weekly)

The values of the family run through Dover College. Our class sizes allow us to nurture confidence, encourage inquisitiveness and celebrate individual success. We are academically ambitious. We take the time to really get to know each child so that the right balance of challenge and support is in place based on their needs.

[Read More About Dover College..]



Farringtons School

Chislehurst, Kent, England,BR7 6LR

Private School (Fee Paying), Co-Educational, 3 -18 Day & Boarding (Full, Weekly)

Besides the blend of beautiful, historic buildings and state of the art facilities, all set in wonderful grounds, yet within a stone’s throw of central London, what invariably strikes visitors to Farringtons is the friendliness of everyone they meet and the sense of family.

[Read More About Farringtons School...]



Northbourne Park School

Deal, Kent, England, CT140NW

Private School (Fee Paying), Co-Educational, 2 -13 Day & Boarding (Full)

Besides the blend of beautiful, historic buildings and state of the art facilities, all set in wonderful grounds, yet within a stone’s throw of central London, what invariably strikes visitors to Farringtons is the friendliness of everyone they meet and the sense of family.

[Read More About Northbourne Park School...]



Mayfield School

Mayfield, Sussex, England, TN20 6PH

Private School (Fee Paying), Girls, 11-18 Years, Day & Boarding (Full, Weekly, Flexi)

Mayfield School is a leading Catholic independent boarding and day school for girls aged 11 to 18, rated the top grade of “excellent” in all categories by the Independent Schools Inspectorate and by Country Life as “one of the finest schools in the land”.

[Read More About Mayfield School...]



Benenden School

Cranbrook, Kent, England, TN17 4AA

Private School (Fee Paying), Girls, 10-19 Years, Day & Boarding (Full)

Benenden is regarded as one of the leading boarding schools in Britain. Founded in 1923, they are situated in 250 acres of attractive parkland in Kent, the Garden of England, just an hour from London. Beneden is passionate about education in its broadest sense so that every girl who studies and lives there receives a Complete Education and enjoys her school days.

[Read More About Benenden School...]



Top Private Independent Secondary Schools & Colleges In Kent, UK

Some of the best Independent Secondary schools and colleges and Sixth Form schools and colleges in Kent, Great Britain providing a top-tier, world-class British day and boarding single-sex and mixed education for boys and girls include:

Top Private Pre-Preparatory & Preparatory Schools In Kent, UK

Some of the best Pre-Prep and Prep schools in Kent, Great Britain providing a top-tier, world-class British day and boarding single-sex and mixed education for boys and girls aged from 3 years to 11 or 13 years include:

Special Needs Schools In Kent, UK

Some of the best Special Needs schools in Kent, Great Britain providing a top-tier, world-class British Special Needs and Special Education Needs education for boys and girls (single-sex and mixed) include:




Where To Live In Kent, England, UK

The most popular British cities and towns in the Kent area (GB) include, with approximate population numbers:

>  Thanet, Kent, UK

Margate (61,200), Ramsgate (40,400) Broadstairs (24,900), Minster (3,600)

>  Folkestone and Hythe, Kent, UK

Folkestone (46,600), Hythe (14,500), Barham (1,400), Sandgate (4,800)

>  Swale, Kent, UK

Faversham (19,300), Sittinghourne (62,000), Bobbing (2,000), Teynham (2,900)

>  Tonbridge and Malling, Kent, UK

Maidstone (155,201), Tonbridge (41,617), Malling (2,500) 

>  Sevenoaks, Kent, UK

Sevenoaks (18,600), Shoreham (2,000), Chiddingstone (1,200), Shipbourne (500)

>  Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK

Royal Tunbridge Wells (56,500), Lamberburst (1,500), Pembury (6,000), Brenchley  (2,700)




Maidstone is a very popular place to live and many people move to Maidstone Each year, or to near Maidstoneand the surrounding area, from around the United Kingdom and abroad.

Many of those moving to Maidstoneare escaping more urban living in London or other larger cities, deciding to relocate to the Kent capital to enjoy a different pace of life and the historic and elegant surroundings of a prosperous city with great facilities and leisure amenities, high quality housing and schools, fantastic pubs, restaurants and sports and popular cultural events, arts and music.

Ten Things To Know About Maidstone, England, UK

> FACT 1: Hugh Lowe Farms, just outside Maidstone, is responsible for those amazing Wimbledon strawberries! They have been supplying Wimbledon with perfect strawberries for over 30 years.

> FACT 2: Mainstone has one of the most ancient guests… Iggy the Iguanodon, the 3.5 tonne, 13 metre long dinosaur! She was discovered in a quarry on Queen’s Road in the early 19th Century,  you can even visit Iggy in the Maidstone Museum - you’ll be sure not to miss her! 

> FACT 3: The Resolute Desk, which sits proudly in the White House was actually made out of timbers from the HMS Resolute. The Desk was crafted at the Royal Naval Dockyard in Chatham and was a gift from Queen Victoria herself. President Obama was even given a matching pen holder in 2009! 

> FACT 4: Maidstone is home to Britain's oldest brewer; the Shepherd Neame is famous for its iconic cask beers and new craft ales. It was even a temporary jail in 1688, when King James II was held prisoner after trying to flee William of Orange during the Glorious Revolution. 

> FACT 5: Herne Bay in the north of Kent is officially considered as the birthplace of the horse. Alan Porter, trustee of The Seaside Museum rediscovered the fossil which dates back 54 million years!   

> FACT 6:  The Isle of Sheppey is the birthplace of the famous gyspy tart! According to a local tale, the recipe was created by a woman who then gave the sweet treat to undernourished gypsy children playing near her house. 

> FACT 7: Maidstone has the world’s first studio-sweet shop! Sweet Sol has a well equipped recording studio alongside a great selection of sweet treats!

> FACT 8: The native American princess, Pocahontas is buried in Gravesend, nead Maidstone. The native American princess was travelling to Virginia with her husband, John Rolfe, in 1617. However she fell ill and unfortunately died on board before passing Gravesend. She was said to be buried in St George’s church however, the church burnt down in 1727 so the exact whereabouts of her grave are unknown.

> FACT 9: The first ever speeding fine was handed out in East Peckham. At the time, Walter Arnold was caught travelling at 8mph- four times over the legal limit of 2mph! A policeman chased after Arnold in 1886 and issued him with a one shilling fine. 

> FACT 10: The town of Fordwich is Britain’s smallest town. Just outside Maidstone, it has a population of 381 and goes by the saying ‘good things come in small packages’.

Where To Live In Maidstone, UK

Maidstone and the surrounding area offers a huge choice of high quality, premium and luxury property to meet the needs of any family, whether wanting a cottage, townhouse, large apartment, mansion or country estate, with or without granny annex, garden or swimming pool.  There are also property development and investment opportunities too, with land available to purchase and properties in need of renovation.

From central city living to rural, country lifestyles, Maidstone and the areas near Maidstone is full of bustling districts and leafy suburbs, lush green areas, charming Crescents and estates, rolling countryside, vibrant high streets, busy neighbourhoods and friendly residential communities.

Some of the popular residential areas include:

Bearsted Maidstone, Boxley Maidstone, East Farleigh Maidstone, Headcorn Maidstone, Leeds Maidstone, Loose Maidstone, Otham Maidstone, Sutton Valence Maidstone, Allington Maidstone, Palmar Road Maidstone, Malling Maidstone, Chatham Maidstone, Rochester Maidstone, Gillingham Maidstone, Medway Maidstone, Borden Maidstone, Sittingbourne Maidstone. 

Commuting To And From Maidstone By Rail Or Road

Relocating to Maidstone is especially popular with those happy to work from home most of the time but needing to occasionally commute to other places for work.

Others are happy to commute more regularly to London, Brighton, Royal Tunbridge Wells and other locations for work.

Travel times to key destinations by road and rail include:

>  Maidstone To London: London is about 40 miles by road from Maidstonevia the A2 and driving to the centre of London from Maidstone normally takes under 1 hour 30 minutes.  There is a very regular train service to London from Maidstone, with trains taking from 1 hour 10 minutes to 1 hours 20 minutes to get to London.

>  Maidstone To Brighton: Brighton is about 65 miles by road from Maidstone via the A23 and driving to the centre of Brighton from Maidstone normally takes under 1 hour 30 minutes.  There is a regular train service to Brighton from Maidstone, with trains taking from 2 hours 20 minutes to 2 hours 30 minutes to get to Brighton.

>  Maidstone To Royal Tunbridge Wells: Royal Tunbridge Wells is about 17 miles by road from Maidstonevia the A26 and driving to the centre of Royal Tunbridge Wells from Maidstone normally takes under 40 minutes.  There is a very regular train service to Royal Tunbridge Wells  from Maidstone, with trains taking from 40 minutes to 1 hour 20 minutes to get to Royal Tunbridge Wells.  



Nearest Airports To Maidstone, UK

The nearest airport to Maidstone is London City International Airport (LCY) which is 40 miles away.  Other nearby airports include Gatwick (LGW) (under 40 miles), London Stansted Airport  (STN) (under 60 miles) and Heathrow (LHR) (under 60 miles).




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