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The isbi Schools Directory Guide To The Top Private Schools & Colleges In London Croydon

For anyone planning a move to or within Croydon in South London, we have collated information below about different places to live, schools, estate agents and other information we think useful for relocating within this fantastic area of London.

Offering some of the best living anywhere in London, Croydon's famous areas include Crystal Palace, Norbury and Waddon

Croydon has a great choice of high quality UK private schools, charming architecture, lots of activities and excellent housing - with a fantastic range of different properties to call home, from brilliantly located apartments, period terrace houses and innovative new builds to  executive housing, family townhouses and apartments.

Croydon is a flourishing south London neighbourhood which has been awardinged London Borough of Culture in 2022. Croydon has a wide range of arty attractions and lush green spaces. It’s a go-to dining destination and a major shopping hub. The area also has great transport links, with Central London only 15 minutes away by train. 

Croydon is in the south east of London, bordering Bromley to the north east, with Lambeth and Southward to the north west. Sutton and Merton can be found directly to the west, with the beautiful Croydon of Surrey to the south. 

Croydon has featured in many recent films! Including The Da Vinci Code, Batman - The Dark Knight Rises, 28 Days Later & Iron Man 3. St Georges Walk, a unique architectural gem hidden within the centre of Croydon, also features in the famous Netflix Series Black Mirror.

For more fun facts and figures about Croydon, scroll down to our Croydon focus page! 




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Looking for a prestigious Independent (private) school in Croydon, GB?

If you are thinking of moving to live in Croydon (or you already live in Croydon but are considering relocating) and you and your family are researching some of the best private schools in Croydon there is a big choice of high quality Croydon schools, with a number of the Croydon’s highest ranking Independent schools considered to be some of the best in the UK. 

Croydon’s private education sector features day schools and boarding schools, girls’ schools, boys’ schools and co-educational (mixed) schools, including leading private Nurseries, Prep Schools, Independent Secondary and Sixth Form schools and colleges. 

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Please see below for a full list of private schools and colleges in Croydon, some of the best of which being:



Dulwich Prep London

Dulwich, London, England, SE21 7AA

Private School (Fee Paying), Co-Educational, 3-14 Years, Day

Dulwich Prep London provides an outstanding and unique education. Dulwich are passionate about boys learning holistically, building good character and developing meaningful skills for their future.

[Read More About Dulwich Prep London…]



Homefield Preparatory School

Sutton, Surrey, England, SM1 2TE

Private School (Fee Paying), Boys, 4-13 Years, Day

As one of the oldest prep schools in England for boys aged 4-13, Homefield have been renowned for their academic success and family atmosphere for over 150 years. A safe and happy environment, with a real depth of specialist teaching ensures the fulfilment of the boys’ individual potential. They offer a truly cosmopolitan school, a rich diversity being a real strength.

[Read More About Homefield Preparatory School…]



Dolphin School

Battersea, London, England, SW11 6QW

Private School (Fee Paying), Co-Educational, 2-11 Years, Day

Dolphin School is a small, independent co-educational Christian school which thrives on on our motto: Love, Wisdom and Truth. Their approach is to encourage children to explore their different intelligences and to grow them with confidence, compassion, ambition and integrity.

[Read More About Dolphin School…]



Eltham College Junior School

Mottingham, London, England, SE9 4QF

Private School (Fee Paying), Co-Educational, 7-18 Years, Day

Eltham College is a thriving and diverse day school situated in 70 acres of grounds in south-east London. They place a strong emphasis on self-respect, humility and the service of others.

[Read More About Eltham College Junior School…]



Top Private Independent Secondary Schools & Colleges In London, UK

Some of the best Independent Secondary schools and colleges and Sixth Form schools and colleges in London, Great Britain providing a top-tier, world-class British day and boarding single-sex and mixed education for boys and girls include:

Top Private Pre-Preparatory & Preparatory Schools In London, UK

Some of the best Pre-Prep and Prep schools in London, Great Britain providing a top-tier, world-class British day and boarding single-sex and mixed education for boys and girls aged from 3 years to 11 or 13 years include:

Special Needs Schools In London, UK

Some of the best Special Needs schools in London, Great Britain providing a top-tier, world-class British Special Needs and Special Education Needs education for boys and girls (single-sex and mixed) include:




Where To Live In Croydon, London, UK

The most popular British cities and towns in the Croydon area (GB) include, with approximate population numbers:

> Croydon, Croydon, UK

Croydon (343,600), Old Town (192,000) 

>   Selsdon, Croydon, UK

Selsdon Vale (9,400), Forestdale (4,700)

>  Crystal palace & Upper Norwood, Croydon, UK

Crystal Palace (12,300), Upper Norwood (16,100)

>  South Norwood & Woodside, Croydon, UK

South Norwood (315,200), Woodside (16,700)

>  Kenley & Old Coulsdon, Croydon, UK

Kenley (14,900), Old Coulsdon (25,600)

>  Broad Green & Selhurst, Croydon, UK

Broad Green (11,800), Selhurst (18,000)

>  Norbury, Croydon, UK (523,600)

>  Thornton Heath, Croydon, UK (432,500)

>  Coulsdon, Croydon, UK (25,700)

>  South Croydon, Croydon, UK (18,372)

>  Waddon, Croydon, UK (16,100)

>  Shirley, Croydon, UK (14,300) 

>  Purley, Croydon, UK (14,000)

>  Sanderstead, Croydon, UK (12,800)

>  Addiscombe, Croydon, UK (11,300)

>  Addington, Croydon, UK (10,800) 




Croydon is very popular place to live and many people move to Croydon each year, or to near Croydon and the surrounding area, from around the United Kingdom and abroad.

Many of those moving to Croydon are looking for a bustling and vibrant location with endless opportunities to choose from. Deciding to relocate to the Croydon in order to enjoy a different pace of life of the historic and elegant surroundings of a prosperous city with great facilities and leisure amenities, high quality housing and schools, fantastic pubs, restaurants and sports and popular cultural events, arts and music.

Ten Things To Know About Croydon, England, UK

> FACT 1: Famous celebs from Croydon include Davis Lean, Stormzy, Sue Perkins, Kate Moss and Noel Fielding.  

> FACT 2: Croydon is a foodie's heaven. The suburb has an unmatched variety of booming restaurants and has been nicknamed the “food capital of South London”. 

> FACT 3:  Croydon has excellent travel connections, with three overground train stations and a new tram network - which transports over 29 million people each year!   

> FACT 4: Coombe Wood in Croydon offers a beautiful escape from urban space, with the park being named London’s best park. Croydon was even voted the Royal Horticultural Society’s “greenest large city”. 

> FACT 5: Croydon is the birthplace of dubstep! The popular music genre has evolved from Croydan’s Jamaican dub, garage and drum & bass scene. 

> FACT 6: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, famous for writing Sherlock Holmes, lives in Croydon. 

> FACT 7: Famous figures such as John F Kennedy, Rita Hayworth & Charlie Chaplin have all travelled through Croydon Airport. The airport, although no longer in use, makes an excellent visit as it is now a Grade II listed building. 

> FACT 8: Croydon has a growing population, if it were to become a city, it would be the 8th largest in the UK - it is  indeed one of the most populous suburbs of London and has tried to gain city status 3 times. 

> FACT 9: Croydon is home to the fastest growing tech cluster in London, with giants such as aa | mac., Andion & Cinch Technologies 

> FACT 10: Croydon is a hub for young people and families looking to relocate to a vibrant suburb of London. Croydon’s population has boomed over the past decade, and currently has 84,000 young people under the age of 15.

Where To Live In Croydon, UK

Croydon and the surrounding area offers a huge choice of high quality, premium and luxury property to meet the needs of any family, whether wanting a townhouse, large apartment, mansion, with or without granny annex, garden or courtyard. There are also property development and investment opportunities too, with land available to purchase and properties in need of renovation.

For central city living, Croydon and the areas near Croydon are full of bustling districts and leafy suburbs, lush green areas, charming Crescents and estates, vibrant high streets, busy neighbourhoods and friendly residential communities.

Some of the popular residential areas include:

Crystal Palace Croydon, Norbury Croydon, West Croydon, South Croydon, Waddon Croydon, Upper Norwood Croydon, Beulah Hill Croydon, Sanderstead Croydon

Commuting To And From Croydon By Rail Or Road

Relocating to Croydon is especially popular with those who have offices based in London and are happy to commute into the centre for the majority of the week.

Others are happy to commute regularly to The City of London, Canary Wharf, Westminster, The West End and other locations for work.

Travel times to key destinations by road and rail include:

Croydon To Central London: Central London is about 11 miles by road from Croydon via the A215 and driving to the centre of London from Croydon normally takes under 50 minutes. There is a very regular train service to London from Croydon, with Thameslink trains or the District and Circle Line tubes taking from 30 minutes to 40 minutes to get to Central London.

Croydon To The City of London: The City of London is about 12 miles by road from Croydon via the A215 and driving to the centre of The City of London from Croydon normally takes under 50 minutes. There is a very regular train service to The City of London from Croydon, with tubes along the District and Circle Line taking from 25 minutes to 30 minutes to get to The City of London.

Croydon To Canary Wharf: Canary Wharf is about 16 miles by road from Croydon via the A102 and driving to the centre of Canary Wharf from Croydon normally takes under 50 minutes. There is a very regular train service to Canary Wharf from Croydon, with Thameslink services taking from 35 minutes to 45 minutes to get to Canary Wharf.

Croydon To The West End: The West End is about 13 miles by road from Croydon via the A215 and driving to the centre of The West End from Croydon normally takes under 50 minutes. There is a very regular train service to The West End from Croydon, with Thameslink trains or Victoria and District Line tubes taking from 30 minutes to 40 minutes to get to The West End.



Nearest Airports To Croydon, UK

The nearest airport to Croydon is London City International Airport (LCY) which is 10 miles away. Other nearby airports include London Gatwick (LGW) (under 16 miles), London Heathrow (LHR) (under 17 miles) and London Luton (LTN) (under 37 miles).




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